Kate Huffman

Certified Body Image Coach

Kate Huffman has been certified as a Body Confidence Coach, A Be Body Positive Facilitator, and a Life Coach, but her real training came from her own journey of more than two decades of deep, unshakeable body dysmorphia that led to several bouts of anorexia,  exercise addiction, chronic pain, and - the real root of it all - nonstop self-loathing manifested primarily as body hatred.

She didn't imagine she'd ever overcome these things. Most of the time, she didn't even try, so impossible did it seem that any kind of recovery was possible for her. But through the techniques and tools offered to you in these courses, she re-wired her brain to put an end to this war with food, diet, and exercise for the first time in her memory.

And once she did, she began living with what were previously unimaginable levels of freedom, happiness, confidence, and peace.

Consider the time, energy, and money spent on your dieting efforts, your food or exercise rules, the scrutinizing of your body's size and shape. Now imagine what would happen if you put that time and energy elsewhere. Anywhere! To connecting with loved ones, to creating, to pursuing career goals, to simply living'.

This is possible for you. Get started today with one of our courses.


“I’m in my late 50’s. I’ve been at war with my body image and self esteem since I was a small child. I’ve managed to find two therapists that were qualified to deal with eating disorders and body image. I learned more from Kate than I did in therapy.”

“Focusing on my body so often leaves me drained and disappointed, but at the end of Kate's course I felt hopeful and full of energy. It's a hard feeling to come by these days and I am so grateful for her message.”


This is my signature course that gets to the real heart of your body-hatred. For the first time, the in-depth plethora of tools offered in my 8-week Course and Discussion Group, LOVE YOUR BODY; KICK MORE BOOTY, is available in a format that you can work through on your own. Experience all the same exercises and tools that have changes so many lives at a fraction of the price.


“This class helped me unlock some deep truths about who I am and how I really feel about my body. After hearing all of the information presented in this, I now feel like real change in my mental awareness of negative messages and internal critics is possible.”

"It was an amazing eye-opening experience."

"I've learned so much from Kate Huffman about the way I view my body and how it affects my self-image. How so many of the terrible thoughts I have aren't even mine. How people around the world from all walks of life are as cruel as to themselves as I am to me and we all wish the others could see how beautiful they are."

One important element of Love Your Body; Kick More Booty is the community of others walking through the same journey as you, which is why we encourage you to work through this program with an accountability partner. If you have a friend to go through the course with you, you can sign up together at a discounted rate. Otherwise, when you enroll in this course, you will be invited to join a private community of others on the journey. You can reach out to find an accountability buddy there.

For extra support and accountability, you also have to option of adding two one-on-one coaching calls with me to be held while you're working through the course.

Sign up today and experience an immediate shift in how you relate to your body.

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