The Body Confidence Solution

How to Rewire Your Brain for Body Love

Course Summary

Kate Huffman’s signature course has enabled people from all walks of life to transform their relationship with their bodies, their thoughts, and their truest selves. Gain access to the life-changing tools and techniques Kate used to finally overcome her decades-long battle with eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and chronic illness.

She had come to believe it was impossible for her. She was wrong...

In this 9-week course, YOU WILL LEARN:

    •          - The true reason you hate what you see in the mirror - and how to come to accept, and even love, what you see instead.
    •          - How to like yourself in pictures, and never again let a new tag on Facebook cause an anxiety attack
    •          - How to prevent comparisons to others from plummeting your spirit
    •          - How to find peace with food and exercise - once and for all
    •          - How to connect to your body with love to obtain true health and wellness
    •          - How to cultivate active appreciation for your body - its individual parts and it as a whole
    •          - How to question and shift your thoughts to experience greater alignment with who you are meant to be
    •          - Meditation techniques to exponentially increase the speed of reprogramming your thoughts on subconscious level
    •          - How to use thought work for relief from chronic pain and illness 
    •          - Much much more…
You deserve to spend your time and energy on the things you love in this world, not on being at war with food, exercise, and your body.

Enroll today and receive these special bonuses:

                 - Two private coaching sessions with Kate! A $200 value

                 - Access to a private community of others enrolled in the course. Here you can connect to others on the journey and post
                   questions which Kate will monitor regularly and provide answers to.

                 - Intro to Body Acceptance, the course that creates the foundation for the work you'll do in The Body Confidence Solution

Course Curriculum

Kate Huffman

Diane W.


"Kate Huffman's course allowed me to heal from years of terrible body insecurities that our society throws at us. Her leadership and openness inspires everyone to dig to a deeper level. I highly recommend exploring this course and starting your own journery of self-discovery!"

Course Pricing:

Consider the amount you will continue to spend if you don't learn to live peacefully within your body:

1 year of Noom: $720  

1 year of Weight Watchers: $650-800  

6 Session of “Emsculpt fat burner”: $3600  

Liposuction: $1800-10,000+ 

That's why the cost of this course is actually saving you thousands of dollars:


All the info from the Love Your Body; Kick More Booty Signature Course: $600
Two private sessions with Kate: $200
2 Month Membership in Manage the Monster Buddy: $60

Total: $860

 Your Price: $598.98

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