Flipping the Switch on Body Hatred: Intro to Body Acceptance

Powerful and effective tools to begin a shift towards liberation from years of wrestling with diets, exercise, and unending body hatred.

Course Summary

How many decades have you spent at war with your body? Desperate to lose weight, control your eating, stick to a work out regimen? Perhaps at times you were “successful,” which quite possibly meant a full descent into an eating disorder. Then, the struggle to recover has gone on for years, never fully freeing you from the desperate need to control your weight, your diet, your body.

How much time, energy, and money has been wasted on these efforts?

If you’re ready to free yourself from this mental prison and live in more authentic alignment with your purpose on this planet, this course is for you.

First, we will delve into the mean voices in our head holding us up to body standards.

Next, we’ll introduce tools to immediately start shifting the thoughts that come from this voice.

We’ll then take a look at where these thoughts come from - the messaging around our bodies, food, exercise, gender, health, and beauty that our brains have been subjected to since a young age.

We’ll bust a lot of myths around these topics, and then look at the neuroscience behind why are brains may cling to these myths despite knowing better.

Finally, we’ll close with the thought work tools that will allow for the rewiring of our brains, the shifting to neutral and positive thoughts, and the genuine feeling of body acceptance, if not full body positivity.

The possibility of freedom is real. It’s only a few thoughts away.

Course Curriculum


Kate Huffman


“I went into this not knowing what to expect, and it truly blew me away! Kate is encouraging, caring, and courageously vulnerable in sharing her own story... It was very powerful.”

    • “Going in, I didn’t believe it was possible to change my thought patterns... But after the course, I felt freedom from my thoughts and a level of self-love I hadn’t felt for a long time. ”

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    Intro to Body Acceptance
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    The course explores the neuroscience behind ongoing body hatred and provides the tools for living with freedom and peace.

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  • The roots of the mean voices in our head holding us up to body standards
  • Diet Culture, Fatphobia, and myths around a weight-centric view of health
  • Thought Work - the key tool to rewiring your brain once and for all