Manage the Monster Buddy Membership

On-going meetings and resources for those who've completed The Body Confidence Solution

Course Summary

Keep yourself accountable to all that you've learned in The Body Confidence Solution! You've come so far, and now it's time to make sure you have to support needed to stay in a place of body acceptance.  

The first and third Sunday of every month (possible changes around holidays, but you'll have ample notice), we will meet for group coaching sessions, where everyone will receive individual coaching in addition to discussion and support from the others in the community.  

At the second meeting of the month, bonus events will take place along with a shorter coaching session. A book discussion, a special journal exercise, a guest speaker, a film discussion, etc. These events are selected by the group and always offer further and deeper knowledge about what it means to live freely and fully in our bodies.

If you can't attend a meeting, you'll receive a recording of it that you'll have access to for one week (deleted after this time for the privacy of all members, as this is a brave and vulnerable space).

ONLY open to those who have completed the digital course, The Body Confidence Solution, or who have gone through a multi-week group program with Kate.

Course Curriculum

Kate Huffman

Member Testimonial:

"When these meetings are over, I always feel so good. It's become something I most looked forward to each month."

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    Ongoing support after completion of The Body Confidence Solution

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